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5 Star Rated!


When you are paying for a professional inspection, you are paying for expertise, where experience is everything. When it comes to experience with homes and commercial buildings, I have it!

* Over 17 years of professional inspection experience

* Over 15 years owning a successful full-service construction company

* Over 20 years of hands-on construction experience

* Built homes from the ground up

* Remodeled 100s of homes and commercial buildings

* Certified and Licensed in Ohio and West Virginia

* Certified VA Inspector

* Fully Insured

* Home Inspections

* Structural Inspections

* Roof Inspections

* Foundation Inspections

* Commercial Building Inspections

* Radon Testing

* Mold Testing and Inspections

Full reports to you in 1 day or less!

When hiring an inspector, you are paying for expertise. I don't just have book or classroom knowledge but also years of hands-on experience. This allows me to better spot issues, to tell what is truly a concern vs just a typical maintenance issue, and a whole lot more. This enables me to potentially save you significant money, not only in knowing what is truly an issue but also in recommended repairs. When choosing an inspector, ask them about their experience, not just as an inspector but their prior work experience, especially their experience actually working on homes & buildings professionally. You will see that I stand out as a market leader, especially in our area. Let me use my expertise to help turn a house into your home.

Travis Christman

Certified and Licensed in OH & WV

“Have peace of mind and confidence!"

Know the home or building you are buying is safe and will not end up costing you thousands in repairs.


Home is where we live and increasingly where we work. Is a home safe for you and your family? Is it structurally sound? Are there issues that could cost you a lot of money? 

A commercial building for your business is inherently expensive. Often, there are hidden issues and costs that can quickly cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Controlling your costs is key to your business. 


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hundreds of dollars for an inspection can save you thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands, in costly repairs.

Real estate is usually the largest investment you will make in your lifetime.  A commercial building is key to the success of any business. A house is where you want to make your home. You put a lot of time and effort into saving up for and finding just the right property. Having a home or building inspected, the air quality tested and the radon levels measured are wise and affordable investments.

I have heard time and time again from my clients that my services are wise investments that pay for themselves many times over. You will not regret getting your home or building inspected. Unfortunately, I have also heard many home and business owner who did not get inspections and regret it. For some, it has cost them tens of thousands of dollars!

My job is to help you live without fear and regret in your property purchase. The inspections and tests I offer will let you to know if the home or building is safe from these common health risks and sound for you, your family or employees.

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