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Structural Inspections
"My licensing and construction experience qualify me to do most all structural inspections, that are accepted by banks, lenders and insurers, faster and cheaper than structural engineers."

Need a second opinion on structural issues with a home or building? Did an appraiser raise a concern that a lender wants further evaluated through a structural inspection? You notice a change in your home that you want to know if or how it should be addressed? 

If so, then put my experience, knowledge and expertise to work for you. Almost always, I am able to do structural inspections faster and cheaper than a structural engineer. Banks, lenders, insurers, Realtors and contractor have always accepted and been pleased with my structural inspections because I accurately determine if there are truly any issues that need addressed and, if so, how they should be addressed. My practical knowledge, experience and expertise in not only identifying but also fixing structural issues allows me to know what structural concerns are typical for a home or building of the specific age and construction type, as well as the knowledge of how different structural issues are actually addressed if needed.

Let me help you determine if there is a structural issue with your home or building that truly needs addressed, and if so, what will most likely need done. I have literally saved my clients tens of thousands of dollars. Let me help you too.

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