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Foundation Inspections

“Need a foundation inspected?
Give me a call. I have the experience and expertise you need.”

Do you have questions or concerns about a foundation? Does your appraiser, lender, insurer or contractor have questions or concerns about the foundation that need addressed?  Then put my years of experience and expertise to work for you! Answering these types of questions is what I do.


Foundation concerns are some of the most important concerns with any building. A home needs a solid foundation or serious and even deadly issues can occur. Fixing foundation issues can be very costly, usually costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Few foundations are perfect. When are the foundation issues typical for the age of the home and when do they truly need addressed? If they need addressed, then what are the options. Foundation issues can be very expensive to correct but there can also be very different costs for the different options that would truly correct the concerns. With my years of experience in actually fixing foundations and now years of inspecting, I can give you valuable direction as to the most cost-effective way to address the problems. I have saved my clients literally tens of thousands of dollars. Let me help you address your foundation questions and concerns.


Give me a call or text today to schedule an appointment. 


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