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PreSale Home Inspections

“Doing a Home Inspection before

putting your home up for sale gives buyers confidence in your property

and your asking price.”

Why have a PreSale Home Inspection? 

* Find out the issues your home might have before potential buyers find out! This gives you the option of fixing the issues ahead of time instead of the issues potentially stalling or derailing the sale of your home.

* Provides potential buyers with the confidence that your home has no hidden issues.

* Faster Sale!

* Easier Negotiation Process

* Place a summary of the PreSale Home Inspection on your counter so potential home buyers have confidence in your home from the time they walk through the door.

* If you decide to make repairs after the inspection, we will verify the repairs and update the PreSale Summary Page so potential buyers always see the current condition of the home.

Call or text today to schedule your appointment for a PreSale Home Inspection.


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