Radon Inspections

“There is no such thing

as a home with zero radon.

Over 21,000 non-smoking people die

every year from cancer caused by high levels of radon in their home, more than those killed by drunk drivers

and house fires combined.

To find out if your home is high

in radon, give me a call or text

to schedule an appointment.”

High radon levels in a home is a very serious concern. A specialized test by a licensed professional is the only way to know for sure if a home is high in radon because this radioactive gas is colorless, tasteless and odorless. It is caused by the decay of uranium found in nearly all soil and rocks. There is no such thing as a home with zero radon. The question is how high is the radon level and is the air in the home safe.

Unfortunately, radon gas cannot be predicted based on state or local locations or even a neighbor's home radon levels. Many factors contribute to radon levels in a home. So even if a neighbor's house tests high or low for radon, this is no indication of the radon levels in the home next to it.

The Surgeon General, the EPA, Ohio Department of Health and the West Virginia Department of Health all recommend that every home, of every age and of every construction type be tested for radon.

Testing for radon is inexpensive and is the only way to know for sure if the air in your home is safe because radon gas cannot be smelled, tasted or seen.


If your home or potential home tests high in radon gas, you do not need to move or stop the home buying process! The air in the home can be made safe through proper mitigation by a certified radon mitigation professional.

Call or text today to schedule your appointment to find out if the air in your home is safe from radon.